If your loved one needs to take medication on a regular basis, they may require assistance. As you get older, memory becomes a more valuable thing and more scarce. It becomes easy for them to forget what they need to take and when they’re meant to be taking it. They may need help administering it or taking it out of the packaging. If so, our trained carers will provide the practical support they need.

Our West Midlands home care will help with access to medication. Our carers make notes on when your loved one takes each dose and ensures that they always have a steady supply of the pills, tablets and capsules they need. You can have complete peace of mind, knowing that your loved one always gets the medicine that keeps them healthy and well.





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Has your loved one been having trouble remembering to take their meds? Too many missed days can lead to real complications. Let us help with that. Get in touch with us via email:, and tell us how we can help. We’ll arrange a consultation and work out a plan that’s right for your loved one.

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