Total Home Care WM provide just that: total home-based care. It all starts with a consultation, where we find out the needs and the desires of your loved one, before setting them up with a care plan, administered by a conscientious and hard-working carer. We make sure that we do the leg-work to find a carer that’s right for the needs of your loved one and every carer on our roster has at least 5 years of experience in the industry. That way, you can be sure that they have the skills and the temperament required to provide the best care available anywhere.

Total Home Care starts with giving people the advice that they need, as well as a home care assessment, before they make any important decisions. We want to make sure that everyone gets the care that they deserve.


That all starts with a conversation.




  The whole process starts with a care consultation.

A care consultation is a conversation with one of our expert care advisors over the phone. This is where we can discuss the needs of your loved one and the type of support they are looking for, as well as discovering what type of carer would best suit them. Whether you’re new or a long-term client, you can be sure that your family member will get compassionate and invaluable support from our expert team.

Whether you are just researching different options and looking for a quote or have decided you wish to go ahead and are looking to get something in place quickly, a care consultation is always the best place to start. We can help to establish your needs and make sure we can assist, prior to completing a full home care assessment.


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Our family care advisors are able to guide you through your care options, based on the information you have shared. They will be able to paint a picture as to what live-in care looks like on a day-to-day basis and ensure it fits with your loved one’s care requirements. Furthermore, they are able to break down the likely costs of support and offer advice on your care funding options, based on your individual circumstances.

All of our care advisors have care sector experience, so you can be sure you are speaking to someone who can properly advise on the most suitable option for your loved one. After a care consultation and home care assessment, our team of advisors will be able to prepare a bespoke quotation, based on your needs, with an indication of what kind of live-in care your loved one will require. After that, they’ll outline a plan to get started.


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It all starts with getting in touch.

Send us an email at to arrange a consultation and set your beloved family member up with the support they need.








One of the first considerations is just where the care recipient is at the moment in their care journey. You may have care in place already and be looking for more hands-on support, looking to switch care providers, or maybe they need support after a stay in hospital.

Our care advisors will establish what is the best way to go about getting things arranged, so we can tailor the assessment process accordingly.

 As part of our conversation around care needs and what you would want to get from a care arrangement, we ensure, firstly, that live-in care is a viable and safe option, as well as gathering enough information to make certain that we find the right and best-suited professional carer. We’re also qualified to refer those in our charge to their GP, if necessary.

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If you have a family member who could use a helping hand around the house or needs any other kind of at-home care, send us an email at to arrange a consultation, a home care assessment and get your beloved family member the attention they need and deserve.





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