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A care home isn’t right for everyone, as so many people prefer the comfort of their own home well into the latter years of their lives. With good reason, too. Your own space, with your own things and your own routine isn’t something you’d want to let go of. These things bring comfort and routine to us as we age and grow old. The need for care shouldn’t be a barrier to someone living the life they love. Now, thanks to our West Midlands home care services, your loved one won’t have to choose.

Our home care is devoted to assisting the elderly and the infirm with the daily activities that make their lives, on the one hand, comfortable and, on the other, worth living. From the necessaries such as washing and cooking, to the parts that bring joy, such as activities and excursions away from home, Total Home Care WM are here for your loved one with our West Midlands home care, helping them live as fulfilling and independent a life as they can.





We ensure that every care worker who joins our team has at least 5 years of experience in the industry, working with the elderly and the infirm. This guarantees that, whoever is caring for your loved one, they’ll be backed up by years of experience and able to take charge and handle any situation that may arise.

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We always make certain that we’re at the cutting edge of the care industry, keeping abreast of new innovations and developments in care. The quality of life of the people we love depends on it! Have a look at some of our latest posts to see what we’ve been up to.

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We’re based in the West Midlands, serving areas such as Walsall, Birmingham, Wolverhampton, Sandwell and Dudley. Our West Midlands home care is dedicated to making the lives of the people in our local areas joyful, fulfilling and as independent as possible.







We offer a FREE, no-obligation consultation for all new customers looking for West Midlands home care for their beloved family members. Take a look at our Information and Advice page for more information about how this works. Then, get in contact with us via email: info@totalhomecarewm.com, to get your loved one the care they need, in the place they’re the most comfortable.






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